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Color Changing Rechargeable Commercial Tea Lights Set 12

Color Changing Rechargeable Commercial Tea Lights Set 12

Item Price: $169.95
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Rechargeable Tea Light Details
Item # CT12-Color-Change
LED Color Color Changing
Charging Method Induction
Run Time 12 to 14 Hours
Recharge Time 8 Hours
Battery Type NiMH
Linkable Yes: Up To 4
AC Adapter 2 Amp 120 VAC
Tea Light Size 1.5" Dia x 2" H
Votive Size 1.75" Dia x 4" H
Base Size 12" L x 4.75 W

Color changing rechargeble tea light candles. Designed for heavy, everyday use in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. Inductive charging tealight avoids all pins, prongs or bothersome slots to line up. Just drop the tea lights into their charger holes (works like your toothbrush re-charger) and the recharging starts. Eight hours later they are ready for 12/14 hours of service. Nothing on the market is easier to use, faster or better made.

You can link up to 4 units together using one plug-in charger. About 500 reliable recharges from a top quality NiMH battery.

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